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Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Macintosh Features

Empower students with user-friendly tools
It’s easy to produce professional-looking digital images for reports, websites, yearbooks, slide shows, newsletters, and much more.

Use one comprehensive toolset
Teachers don’t have to scramble to assemble a toolset — it’s all there. Students can edit, enhance, and present their photos with one product.

Stay organized and on track
Powerful, flexible keywords help teachers and students quickly and easily classify and locate photos. The Folder View feature helps teachers oversee multiple projects and
students stay on track by making it easy to access photos and add, delete, or move folders.

Say goodbye to red-eye
Students can remove red-eye automatically by using intelligent tools. Multiple instances of red-eye can be removed from a photo in just one click!

Enhance and perfect photos
Students can easily brush away wrinkles and unwanted objects, make a range of adjustments to a specific area or object, or quickly separate an object from its background.

Add special effects
Students can make classroom work stand out by applying a multitude of special effects — such as drop shadows, textures, bevels, and patterns — to photos.

Present photos in compelling ways
Teachers can have their students easily create PDF slide shows, photo essays, photo journals, and online photo albums. Students also can show off their creativity in cards, calendars, and more.

Save and display work online
Students can save time and keep track of their work by uploading photos to personal online albums that can be updated with new photos at any time. Photos also can be viewed full screen (with the included enhanced file browser).

Get high quality with camera raw and 16-bit support
It’s a snap for students to work with their cameras’ raw files and use 16-bit image support for smoother, more accurate color and great overall results.

Get the big, colorful picture
Classroom projects go into full bloom when students use the Histogram palette to see the color range in their photos so they can easily make optimal adjustments.