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Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 Features

Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 Features

Get all the facts about Adobe® Encore® DVD 2.0 software with this full list of product features.

Create powerful DVDs with ease

Slideshow Editor

Build and arrange slide shows with ease. Define shows as browsable or autoplay with optional narration or music. Set slide durations, add transitions, and apply pan-and-zoom effects.


Define and view your DVD’s navigation by using a visual flowchart representation of all points and links.

Automated chapter menus

Create multipage menus automatically from chapters or slide shows in your project.

Royalty-free templates and menu art

Jump-start DVD menu creation using the many royalty-free templates, motion menus, and other included artwork files.

Project checker

Verify your project at any time during production. Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 checks your navigation for broken links, verifies bit rates, checks subtitles for problems, and presents the results in a sortable list.

Familiar Adobe interface

Work with Timeline and Monitor panels that provide a familiar nonlinear editing interface for assembling video and audio files and subtitle tracks.

Dual-layer discs

Make room for more content or higher quality video encoding with 8.54GB dual-layer discs.

Disc space indicator

Use the disc space indicator to get a visual indication of the space used on your DVD disc.

Intuitive chapter addition

Set chapters on-the-fly as video plays in the Monitor panel, and then check their exact position using skip controls in playback preview.

Wide degree of playback compatibility

Produce consistent, high-quality results, and output to all recordable DVD formats for a wide degree of playback compatibility.

Direct recording

Save time and disk space by writing directly to your DVD or DLT drive.

DTS audio support

Increase your audio format options with support for DTS audio.

Region coding

Use region coding to control the geographical regions where your replicated DVD can be played.

Copy protection

Use DVD-standard copy protection methods to protect your content against unauthorized use.

Language coding

Set the language codes for audio and subtitle streams so viewers can select by name rather than number.

User operations control

Disable or enable the viewer’s remote control operations in specific sections of a DVD — for example, to ensure the display of mandatory content such as copyright notices.

DVD-ROM file addition

Include extra files in the DVD-ROM zone for extra value when your DVD discs are read on a computer.

Closed-caption support

Import line 21 files to add closed captions to your DVDs (applies to NTSC titles only).

Easy chapter point addition

Use a single command to add chapter points at fixed intervals, enabling viewers to skip quickly through content.

Pick whip

Use the convenient pick whip to quickly assign settings.

Work smarter with intelligent workflow

Adobe Photoshop integration

Create menus in Adobe Photoshop® file format, using the Photoshop technology built into Encore DVD 2.0. Edit menus in Photoshop CS2 and see your changes instantly in your DVD project.

Updated user interface with workspace panels that dock and group

Organize your desktop quickly with workspace panels that dock and group. Move divider lines between panels to adjust your layout quickly, with no need to resize multiple windows.

Adobe Bridge

Browse, organize, and preview content files, and then drag and drop what you need right from Adobe Bridge. Search by or edit XMP metadata such as keywords, language, and format.

Integrated background transcoding

Let Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 automatically convert source files to MPEG-2 video and Dolby® Digital audio, or manually adjust settings to optimize your DVD compression.

Adobe After Effects integration

Send a menu directly to Adobe After Effects® 7.0 software for animation, export your animation as a movie file, and then add it to your menu background for a stunning motion menu.

External video monitor preview

See your menus on an external video monitor, instead of creating a DVD to check your menu designs for video compatibility.

Adobe Premiere Pro integration

Import AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG-2 files from Adobe Premiere® Pro 2.0 software. Use Edit Original to modify your original project in Adobe Premiere Pro, and then import the changes back into your DVD project.

Flexible input file support

Work with AVI and QuickTime source files to build your DVD navigation, and then encode them as MPEG-2 video assets when you are ready to burn your disc.

XMP metadata support

Use XMP metadata to quickly identify assets or automate tasks. View and edit XMP metadata from within the project panel in Encore DVD, or use metadata keywords to search for files in Adobe Bridge.

Multiple clips on a timeline

Save time with easy assembly of multiple video clips on a timeline. There’s no need for a separate video editing application to achieve seamless playback of multiple clips.

Project preview

Review all aspects of your DVD project, including play and navigation actions, at any time during production.

Chapter Playlists

Use Chapter Playlists to create different play orders without duplicating content. The disc space saved can enable the use of lower compression for higher quality video.

Marker support

Import markers from AVI files exported from Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 or After Effects 7.0.

Custom workspaces

Configure workspace panel arrangements for specific tasks, and then save them for future use. Use preset arrangements to quickly reset panels for specific jobs like timeline editing or menu creation.

Sample-rate conversion

Depend on built-in sample-rate conversion that automatically converts your source audio into the 48kHz audio used for DVDs.

Customizable project views

Customize the organization of your projects with folders, view filters, and sortable columns.

Properties panel

Receive at-a-glance information about the elements in your project.

Design with total freedom and control

Native Photoshop menus

Import native Photoshop files or create new menus in native Photoshop file format. Buttons, text, and images are stored as layers and layer sets so you can edit them later in Photoshop CS2.

Motion menu creation

Combine powerful Photoshop CS2 editing tools with video compositing tools to create unique motion menus.

Professional mastering tools

Create DVD masters using DLT tape and incorporate DVD-standard copy protection, region coding, and playback controls.

Integrated text design tools

Add and design text directly within Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 using tools similar to those in Photoshop CS2.

Styles panel

Easily apply styles to DVD project menu components. Use the supplied styles, or create your own by simply dragging them from the Menu Editor.

Library panel

Organize text layers, vector shapes, background layers, layer sets, buttons, images, and menu templates in the Library panel. Create your own custom library sets.

Menu replacement layers

Specify locations for graphic objects in a menu template by using replacement layers. Objects dropped on replacement layers scale to fit the size designated in the layer.

Slide show audio

Add audio to your slide show and automatically adjust slide durations to match the total audio time. Add or delete slides, and slide durations automatically adjust to the correct length.

Slide show transitions

Spice up your slide shows with the same collection of visual transitions found in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

Slide show pan and zoom

Bring your slide shows to life with pan-and-zoom effects that let you focus on the key areas of interest within your images.

Square and non-square pixel viewing

Check the shape and alignment of items by identifying and viewing square and non-square pixels.

Menus with audio

Add background audio to menus by simply dragging and dropping.

Rotate tool

Rotate objects in the Menu window with fine control using the Rotate tool.

Powerful video subtitling

Type and format subtitles directly over video, or import and format a script containing multiple subtitles.

Menu control

Specify the number of times a menu should loop. Set a menu to time out and navigate to another part of the disc.

Flexible menu routing

Create your own DVD menu routing for the arrow keys on a remote control, or use the automatic setting and let Encore DVD 2.0 do it for you.

Multiple timelines

Add up to 99 separate timelines, each with up to 99 chapter points, 8 audio streams, and 32 subtitle streams.

Layers panel

Access all the layers of an imported Photoshop file using the Layers panel.

Menu guides

Take advantage of full support for Photoshop guides to ensure precise layout and alignment of items in the Menu Editor.