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Adobe Creative Suite – How to install

Adobe Creative Suite was created and has one small problem. If you find that Creative Suite setup stops installing at Acrobat then this is for YOU. We have created a fairly failsafe tutorial on how to install Creative Suite without any hassle. Below we have listed a 10 step process to ensure that Creative Suite installs without stopping at Acrobat 6.0. The 10 Steps:

1. Right click on Desktop and Select New > Folder. Name the foler “Creative Suite” (without the quotation marks)
2. Insert the Creative Suite Installer Disk #1
3. Select US English as the language and click OK
4. Accept the License Agreement
5. Choose “Explore CD Contents”
6. Copy all of the files from CD1 in to the “Creative Suite” folder that you created in Step# 1.
7. Insert the Creative Suite Installer Disk #2
8. Open the “Adobe Creative Suite” folder on the Disk #2.
9. Copy the Adobe Acrobat 6.0, Adobe GoLive CS, and the Adobe InDesign CS folders into the “Adobe Creative Suite” folder located INSIDE the “Creative Suite” folder on desktop that you created in Step #1.
10. Launch the installer by double-clicking on the Autoplay.exe file in the “Creative Suite” folder located on the desktop. *** NOTE ABOUT THE FOLDERS: “Creative Suite” and “Adobe Creative Suite” are two DIFFERENT directories. Adobe Creative Suite can be found at the following path: desktopCreative SuiteAdobe Creative Suite

*** Continue installation as per normal. The setup program will install all programs at once and will NOT ask for Disc 2. Do not worry if it does not ask. These 10 steps should solve any problems you might have.