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Adobe at drupa 2004

 Adobe at drupa 2004

Adobe PDF/JDF concept demonstration — an industry first
At drupa 2004, Adobe presented a concept demonstration integrating the capabilities of Portable Document Format (PDF) and JDF using Adobe® Creative Suite applications. The demonstration walked through the preparation and processing of a JDF-enabled job, from creation to final production.

Using Adobe Acrobat® 6.0 and Adobe InDesign® CS, Adobe showed how to capture project specifications with JDF and capture creative content with PDF. While JDF technologies have thus far been applied to the prepress and production phases of the workflow, this JDF concept demonstration extends JDF functionality “upstream” to the creation stage — making Adobe the first company to tie JDF to the desktop.

Integrating JDF-enabled products and technologies from creation through production yields benefits for design and print professional alike. JDF bridges the communications gap between creatives and production teams, eliminating the need to “fix” files or re-key project information. By establishing end-to-end job processing instructions up front, JDF helps reduce the errors and costs associated with manual or redundant tasks. Once a job reaches prepress and production, JDF helps streamline and automate the workflow through each process step, increasing productivity and speeding job turnaround.

Adobe is committed to developing JDF-enabled solutions that span from creation to production, and with this JDF concept demonstration is the first in the industry to introduce JDF to the desktop.