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Add text to the rectangles

Add text to the rectangles

Next you’ll add text to your rectangles to describe the different pages of the website.

1 In the Tools panel, click the Text tool and click inside the first rectangle at the top left corner of the document.

A text block with a text ruler on top of it appears inside the rectangle.
Note: On the Macintosh, there will be no visible text block.
2 Type the word Index inside the text block. If you are using a PC, you will see the text block expand as you type.

3 Click outside the text block to de-select it. You should see the word “Index” inside the rectangle, typed in the default font color black. Next you’ll change the color and style of the font to make the text more visible.
4 Choose Edit > Select > None to make sure both the rectangle and the text block are de-selected.
5 In the Tools panel, click the Pointer tool and click inside the document on the word “Index” to select the text block again.
An outline of the text block appears around the text.
6 In the Tools panel, click the Fill color box and select white (FFFFFF) as the fill color for the text.
7 In the Text inspector (Window > Inspectors > Text), select Bold from the Style pop-up menu.

8 From the Font size pop-up menu, select 18 as the font size.
9 Drag the text block to the center of the rectangle. You can position the text block more precisely by using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The arrow keys will move the text block up, down, left, and right, one point at a time. For more information, see FreeHand Help (Help > Using FreeHand > Working with Objects > Moving Objects).
10 Repeat steps one through eight for the remaining eight rectangles using the following text: News, Conferences, Education, Publications, Links, Contact, Species, and Search. When you’re finished, your document should look something like the diagram below.