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Acrobat Reader or Exchange for UNIX Fail to Start in Navigator or From a Command Line


When you try to start an Adobe Acrobat viewer (i.e., Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Exchange) for UNIX from within Netscape Navigator or from a command line, the system returns one of the following errors:

– HP-UX returns the error “can’t open shared library lib/”

– Sun Solaris returns the error “ acroread: fatal: can’t open file; errno=2.”

– SunOS returns the error “ not found.”


Start Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Exchange from the <ACROHOME>/bin directory (where “ACROHOME” is the installation directory for Acrobat) by typing either of the following commands:

– For Acrobat Exchange, type


– For Acrobat Reader, type


Additional Information

Acrobat viewers are designed so that multiple platform binaries can load onto one server system. The acroread and acroexch files in the <ACROHOME>/bin directory contain scripts that determine which UNIX platform the workstation is running. Once the script determines the platform, it sets the environment variables, then calls the acroread or acroexch executable from the appropriate platform bin directory. Attempting to run an Acrobat viewer directly from the platform bin directory causes errors because the environment variables have not been set correctly.