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Acrobat Capture 2.0 Returns Error or Freezes When Processing Pages


While processing pages, Adobe Acrobat Capture 2.0 freezes or returns an error (e.g., “PDF Writer out of memory”, “Illegal Operation”).


Do one or more of the following:

Solution 1

Upgrade to Acrobat Capture 2.01. If you didn’t automatically receive the upgrade CD-ROM, contact Adobe Customer Services at 800-272-3623.

Solution 2

Restart Windows.

Solution 3

Exit all other applications and process pages while Acrobat Capture is the only open application. To ensure Windows isn’t running any applications in the background, Adobe recommends removing items from the Startup folder and then restarting Windows.

Solution 4

If you’re collating files, process 100 or fewer pages or image files at a time. You can then combine the resulting PDF files using Acrobat Exchange 3.0x’s Insert Pages command.

Solution 5

If you’re batch-processing image files, process smaller batches to determine if some of the files are damaged. For example, if you want to process 100 image files, try processing only the first 25. If Capture can process those without a problem, process the next 25. If Capture can’t process a given batch, one or more files in that batch may be damaged.

Solution 6

Make sure your computer has enough virtual memory to process the file. Virtual memory should be equal to or greater than the size of the file you’re processing, plus its estimated output size, plus three times the file size of the most complex image you’re processing. If you don’t have sufficient hard disk space to use this much virtual memory, you’ll need to free up some disk space by deleting files or defragmenting your hard drive. Adobe also recommends letting Windows manage virtual memory. To let Windows 95 or Windows 98 manage virtual memory:

1. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel.

2. Double-click the System icon, and then click the Performance tab in the System Properties dialog box.

3. Click Virtual Memory.

4. Select “Let Windows Manage My Virtual Memory Settings (Recommended)”, then click OK. Make sure that there’s at least 25 MB of hard drive space available to Windows.

5. Click OK to close the System Properties dialog box, and then close the Control Panel.

Solution 7

Install more RAM.

Additional Information

Acrobat Capture 2.0 may freeze or return an error if:

– you process files when other applications are running.

– your computer has insufficient RAM or virtual memory.

– you’re trying to collate more than 100 pages at a time.

The Capture 2.0 ReadMe file states that “processing multipage TIFs with more than 100 pages, or collating more than 100 individual TIFs into one output file is generally not recommended.”

Acrobat Capture 2.01 is available free to registered users of Acrobat Capture 2.0. Capture 2.01 fixes a memory management problem in Capture 2.0 that limited the number of image files you could process. Capture 2.01 can process up to 1000 image files at a time. See the Acrobat Capture 2.01 ReadMe file for more information.