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Achieving Amazing Easing Effects in Flash

Achieving Amazing Easing Effects in Flash

In previous versions of Flash, motion tweening was a difficult and time-consuming way to give animations realistic motion effects. The Ease In/Ease Out feature was helpful but its limitations became apparent when you applied it to complex animations because you had to create a lot of frame-by-frame shape and motion tweening to mimic something that looked natural.

Flash Professional 8 enhances easing with Custom Ease In/Ease Out. This new feature provides you with a graph that gives you much more control over tweening. Using the velocity curve provided, you can control motion tweening precisely and at specific frames. In addition, the Custom Ease In/Ease Out feature gives you the option of applying a custom velocity curve for each symbol property independently.

This improved easing feature in Flash Professional 8 can yield amazing motion tweening effects that are easy to create and fun to play with.

This article will help you understand the Ease In/Ease Out graph by showing you specific examples that create interesting animation effects. I also discuss custom easing properties and applying multiple easing effects.


To complete this tutorial, install the following software and files:

Flash Professional 8

Sample files:

Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic knowledge of Flash and a practical knowledge of easing and motion tweening in Flash.