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30+ Modern Minimal Glyphs Icons by Samuel Quinton Green

Samuel Quinton Green has released Modern Minimal Glyphs Icons, the modern minimal icons are a family of 30+ precision crafted vector glyphs, ready for your next web or mobile project.

Composed of vector shapes, the glyphs are scalable to any size – which means you can have them as big or as small as you want. No blurry edges, no fuzzy pixels.

The open forms and minimal styling make the modern minimal glyphs well suited for a variety of tasks. On the web, mobile applications, and even in print, the modern minimal family will always look sharp.

The modern minimal set is free for you to use, re-use, and share with others. Licensed under the Creative Commons, you are free use this family of glyphs however you see fit – except, of course, selling them as your own work.


Modern Minimal 30+ Precision Crafted Vector Glyphs Icons

Download Modern Minimal Glyphs Icons from here.