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Xiao Xiao Free online Games

Xiao Xiao Free online Games

Lab Shutdown

James is on a mission to destroy a lab that is converting humans into mutants in this high action stick animation.

Time Fight

Agent Jones is on a mission to rescue the hostages in this high action stick combat, with a time machine twist.

Sloppy Fight 2

Watch stick figures go at it in this intense action flick with a ton of special effects.

Over the Rainbow

A frantic stick figure fight set to the tune of Over the Rainbow.

Metal Slug Stick

A cool platform game where a stick takes on a whole army of sticks, lots of shooting and blasts.


This is a near perfect replica of Xiao Xiao movie # 3….But, with a sudden surprise conclusion!


Stick Slayer vs. Xiao Xiao – a great flash movie that isn’t even by either of the original creators!

Slayer vs Xiao

The Stick Slayer kills the Xiao Xiao stickmen, and then goes after the creator of Xiao Xiao!

Xploding Stick

Wrath of God with a Xiao Xiao look. Another highly skilled bloodbath of stick proportion.

Xiao Xiao City Plaza

A great advertisement for a mall, some real smooth fighting, and some typical matrix style kicking.

Xiao Xiao 8

More 3d effects, with matrix style slow motion, and a cool car chase. Really clean movie!

Xiao Xiao 7

This is one of the best Xiao series, a great spy style movie with some awesome gun fight scene’s and 3d effects.

Xiao Xiao 6

Put your button-mashing skills to the test in this interactive stick fight sequence!

Xiao Xiao 5

Check out this hilarious one on one battle that keeps going on even after they are dead!

Xiao Xiao 3

Sit back and be amazed at the smoothest stick animation ever! The movie that got a lot of attention!

Xiao Xiao 2

What did this wall ever do to him? If you liked the first movie, you must see and play the next one.

Xiao Xiao 1

This is the first Xiaoxiao movie in a series to become world known across the net.