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Write In Wood

You’ll learn how to create a write in wood effect
Open a wooden texture image, you can get ours here
Ok, now create a text layer with Bold and rather big font and white color. Type the word SWEPT and then Rasterize the layer.
Now hold-down Ctrl key and select the text layer (which we called “SWEPT”) in the Layer Panel by clicking on it. The text now should be selected – go to the Channels Panel and create a new channel, then fill the selection with white as the color. So, you can deselect the region.
Ok, now choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur: 2 px; And then press Ctrl+L on your keyboard and enter the values like in the image below.
Ok, now choose the RGB panel and go to the layer panel and select layer “SWEPT”.
Choose Select > Load Selection and channel “Alpha 1”. Press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection and press Del.
And our medium result is:
Inverse the text by pressing Ctrl+I and then go to the Filter > Brush Strokes > Spatter and select settings like in the image.
Now we have a black-white text, we need to get rid of the black regions. Hold-down Ctrl key and select layer “SWEPT” in the Layer Panel. Choose Select > Color Range and make seetings like in the image. (Note: zoom in to edit it easier).
Then press delete. For a cool effect you can add a stroke with 1 px in the Blending Options of the layer “SWEPT”. Just double-click on it and change seetings. Then rotate “SWEPT” to the direction of the wood texture.
And that’s it! You can add now some other elemets like rectangle with round edges and etc.