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Working with Graphics in PageMaker – Creating a Color Library

Creating a Color Library

The Color Library is a custom set of colors that you create. You may want to create a Color Library for specific projects or simply to maintain and quickly access the colors you use most frequently. This document contains sections on the following topics:

return to topCreating a Color Library

  1. Create or open a publication

  2. To view the current Color palette, from the Window menu, select Show Colors
    The Color Palette appears.

  3. OPTIONAL: Modify the Color listing to display the colors you want in your library by adding, deleting, or duplicating colors by accessing the Color palette from the right arrow button
    pull-down color menu

  4. From the Utilities menu, select Plug-Ins ยป Create Color Library…
    The Create Color Library dialog box appears.
    Create Color Library dialog box

  5. In the Library name text box, type the desired name
    NOTE: The name that you choose will appear on the Library menu in the New Color dialog box.

  6. In the File name text box, type the desired filename
    NOTE: PageMaker automatically appends the filename with the .BCF (binary color file) extension 

  7. OPTIONAL: In the Preferences section of the dialog box, adjust the Colors per column and Colors per row numbers (up to 10×10)

  8. OPTIONAL: In the Notes text box, add notes that will appear when someone clicks the ABOUT button in the Library dialog box

  9. Click SAVE
    NOTE: All color files must reside in the Color folder, which is inside the Language folder; the default saves in the correct location.

return to topViewing or Using a Color Library

  1. To open the Color palette if it is not already open, from the Window menu, select Show Colors

  2. At the bottom of the Color palette, click the NEW COLOR button new color button
    Choose New Color from the Color palette menu
    The Color Options dialog box appears.
    Color Options dialog box

  3. Select a color library name from the Libraries pull-down menu
    The selected color library appears in the Color Picker dialog box.
    Color Picker dialog box

  4. OPTIONAL: Click ABOUT… to see any notes written by the author of that color library

  5. To accept the selected color library, click OK