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Timing Question Slides

Timing Question Slides

Setting a time limit on your quiz can help measure how quickly learners perform certain tasks and how quickly they recall facts.

Keep in mind, however, that timing a quiz can put additional pressure on learners. In some cases this may be inappropriate. For example, timed quizzes are not recommended if learners:

  • Have cognitive or learning disabilities
  • Are visually impaired
  • Are non-native speakers of the language in which the test is given

Creating a Timed Question Slide

To create a timed question slide in Captivate, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Insert > Question Slide, select the question type, and click OK.
  2. Set the options in the Question and Options tabs.
  3. Click the Reporting tab.
  4. Click the Time Limit check box and enter a value in hh:mm:ss format.
  5. Click the Quiz button at the bottom of the dialog box to open the Quiz Manager.
  6. Select the Quiz tab.
  7. Click the Timeout Message check box and enter a message in the text field.
  8. Click OK to close the Quiz Manager.
  9. Click OK to close the question properties dialog box.

In order to test the time limit you applied to your question slide, select one of the following items from the Preview menu:

  • Movie (F4)
  • From This Slide (F8)
  • Next 5 Slides (F10)
  • In Web Browser (F12)

After the allotted time has been exceeded, learners will be presented with the message you specified in the Timeout Message text box and the Clear and Submit buttons will be rendered inactive.

Previewing and Testing Question Slides

After you successfully add a number of question slides to a Captivate project, you can test their functionality by following these steps:

  1. Select the first question slide and select From This Slide (F8) from the Preview menu.
  2. Answer the first question and click the Submit button. Captivate indicates whether the question was answered correctly or incorrectly in the form of a success or failure caption.
  3. Click the Submit button again to move to the next question. By default, learners are given just one attempt to answer the question correctly. Although moving to the next question slide and then clicking the Back button will display the question again, any attempt to answer the question again will fail because the answer objects and the Clear and Submit buttons are locked.
  4. On the results slide, Captivate displays the following score details:

    • Your score
    • Maximum score
    • Accuracy
    • Number of questions
    • Number of quiz attempts
    • Pass or Fail status message
  5. To review the quiz, click the Review Quiz button. Captivate now steps through the quiz and indicates whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly.

Note: If you have created a project that contains both an assessed or training simulation and question slides, any interaction with the simulation after clicking the Review button will not be scored.