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The Shining Element

Shining Element

Add some lightning onto various objects to give them a more professional shine-look. This can work on logo’s, banners, images and photo’s… Great to learn!

Add realism to a picture by adding some shine…

  • Step 1 Get an object wich has NO layer-styles on;
    If it does have styles, simply create a layer UNDERNEATH your layer and select the top-layer and press CTRL+E;

    Simple Light

  • Step 2 Create an oval-looking shape on top of the object;

    Simple Light

  • Step 3 Fill it with WHITE;

    Simple Light

  • Step 4 Press CTRL+G and switch the layer-style to overlay;

    Simple Light

  • Step 5 And lower the opacity and you’re done…

    Simple Light

Author        :  MICK MOOLHUIJSEN 
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