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The FreeHand File Extensions Solutions

If you wish to avoid a network truncating the file names of linked files, you have two options: 1) changing the names of linked files or 2) embedding files in the FreeHand document. The steps for either are below:

freehand Changing the names of linked image files
Before copying the file to the server, change the name of any linked file to conform to the 8.3 naming convention (and make certain FreeHand recognizes the change).

1 Close the document which contains the linked images.
2 Change the file names outside of FreeHand.

Reopen the document within FreeHand. A dialog box will appear asking you to locate the missing linked files. Navigate to the folder which contains the renamed images, and select the renamed file that matches the file requested at the top of the Locate File dialog box.

macromedia freehand locate

Note: If you choose “Ignore” or “Ignore all,” the file will open with any missing linked images appearing as X-boxes.



Note: In this case, enabling “Search the current folder for missing links” won’t help to reestablish the link, since the file names have been changed.

X-box in place of missing linked image
4 Continue navigating to the renamed images until all have been replaced.

Save the document.

Note: If desired, choose Save As and give the file another name.

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Embedding the image files
Embed the image files in the FreeHand document before moving it to the server.

1 Select one of the images in the document.
  Choose Edit > Links. This opens the Links panel which displays a list of the linked images.

Select each image in the list and click Embed. This will make the imported images part of the FreeHand file, and they won’t have to be copied to the server.

Note: The images can be extracted on the destination computer to avoid leaving them embedded permanently.