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Text Tool in After Effects 6.0 – Page 5

Reset the Start, End, and Offset values (0, 3, 0). With our range selected (all of the letters), we can make an adjustment to our Scale Animator to see how the selector and animator work together.

Change the Scale amount to 500 for the X and Y axis. You will see right away that the letters scale up as expected.

Change the Offset amount to 2 and you will see that the letters D and M return to their original scale size. This is because the Offset amount is now excluding those letters (the virtual amount for Start is now offset to 2 and the End value is now 5).

We don’t need to animate the Scale Animator to change the scale of the letters over time. Instead we can simply animate the Offset value.

Make sure you are at the beginning of the Timeline by pressing the Home key on your keyboard. Set an initial keyframe by clicking on the Stopwatch icon next to Offset. Make sure this value is 0.

Press Command+G (Control+G on the PC) and go to 2:00. Change the Offset value to 3.

Make a RAM preview, and you will see the DMN letters begin rather large and then shrink to their final resting position.