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Set Up The Shatter Comp


We will nest both the ramp and the text compositions in a new composition:

  • Make a new Composition (Composition New Composition…)
  • Name your new comp shatter
  • As with the previous two compositions, choose the Medium, 320×240 preset, and set your duration to about 10 seconds, and click OK:

  • From your Project Window, drag the text composition into the Time Layout Window of the new shatter composition (for good measure, anti-alias the layer as well):

  • Apply the Shatter effect to the nested text layer (Effect Simulation Shatter)

  • If you want, RAM preview your composition (press the zero key on the numeric keypad):
You will probably need to do some adjusting. I imagine a wireframe explosion of a brick wall with a blue circle isn’t quite what you are going for.

  • In your Effect Controls window, change the Shatter Effect’s view attribute from Wireframe + Forces to Rendered:

  • You now see your text exploding:

  • Unfortunately, many “fair weather” AE users never do anything beyond this with the Shatter effect. The settings are just too intimidating to go on. But we shall go on….