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Privacy Policy

Information gathered during a visit

A certain amount of information is usually passed from your browser to a server every time you visit a page on any website. This includes information like your IP address, what browser you use, what operating system you run, screen resolution, and so on. This information is retained solely for internal use; I use it to learn more about the demographics of visitors to this site. It is used in an aggregate way; individual visitors are not scrutinized, but the information instead would be compiled and studied as a group. This information collected is not sold to other companies; as mentioned before, it is only for aggregate, demographic use.

Information you provide

Some parts of the site solicit information from you. For example, you might give your name and email address when signing up for an account or when posting on the blog. Information like this is voluntary. Some of this information is made available to the public- usernames, website URLs, and real names submitted when you register can be seen on your public profile page. However, personal details like your email address are kept private (more on your email address later).


Cookies are used on primarily to identify registered users and to log them in on the site automatically. In addition, third-party advertising networks might use their own cookies. Their privacy policies are listed below.

Data Security

Great strides are taken to ensure the security of your data. There are procedures in place to safeguard any personal information gathered.

Third Parties does deal with other third party companies, mostly advertising companies. I have to deal with them on a regular basis, so I don’t deal with shady companies. The advertising networks is associated with are some of the most reputable in the business.

Future changes

This policy is subject to change in the future. You may always check back here for the current version.


For any further questions about privacy issues, feel free to contact us at admin [at]