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Pop Art Style from your photo

1. Open your favorite photo:

Open Photo in Adobe Photoshop CS

2. We need to create one  White layer and another layer with favorite photo and transparent layer above it:

Layer Palette in Adobe Photoshop CS

3. Now going to trace the photo in the transparent layer, trace with small brush:

Trace in Adobe Photoshop CS

4. We traced the photo, turn off the visibility of the photo layer and see what the tracing looks like:

After Trace in Adobe Photoshop CS

5. Use Magic Wand and in the transparent layer click outside the tracing.
Go to Select > Inverse. Now, only the tracing should be selected:

Inverse in Adobe Photoshop CS

6. Return on to the photo layer and press Delete:

Delete layer in Adobe Photoshop CS

7. Press Ctrl+D for Deselect and Voila:

Deselect in Adobe Photoshop CS

Now use your favorites color and colouring T-Shirt, jeans and other details. I used Magic Wand to select area for T-Shirt, jeans and other.

Deselect in Adobe Photoshop CS

Download .PSD from here.

Good luck, and be sure to check out our other Photoshop Tutorials!