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Play Action Games – Colection 5

Play Action Flash Games Online

diary defender

Defend your diary at all cost! Shoot at all the enemies.


Klik and drag the players around, to aim the enemy, and shoot!

Spec Ops

The police has received information about a bomb, help them find the bomb!


Cool 3D shooter! Shoot all the enemies in the battlefield!

RC Island

Explorer the city and begin your first mission!

Mega man VS 2

Save the world from the zombies in maga man vs 2!


Protect the monks as they save the world!


Match at least four bricks of the same color.

Metal Slug 3

Play Metal slug 3! In this game you must try to save the world, again!

swim shooter

Rescue the world by stop dr. stormy before it’s to late!

chicken little

Chicken little is to late for school, try to get him to school on time!

Royal Marine

Skill at arms tests your speed and accuracy across 3 defferent bonus levels!

Iron Flame

Save the colonel by killing the aliens!

battle blitz

In the ultimate battle of good and evil you must choose your way!

3d maze

Find the exit and escape from the haunted labyrinth!

ninth level

The shaku are attracted to the debris and you can prevent the Miyagi crystals!


Defeat your enemy by putting the boms on the right place!

Happy & Smile

You are a big mafia boss, and must fight to other gangsters!


In this game you are a woman ninja, and must fight against other ninjas!


The power of the city is stolen, you must try to get is back!