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Photo manipulation of castle

1) Prepare the pictures that you want to combine in your work

2) Remove all addons that don’t fit your vision – I removed (clone tool) all objects on the water and some on the land

3) Duplicate that layer several times to get that dark feeling (you can use every method you like to get this effect – like levels, blur effect etc.)

4) Add a clear layer above and fill it with one color (blue in this case) to get a hazy looking layer – erase parts that should be sharp in that layer.

5) Prepare the next picture – sky picture – and put it above all other layers – use layer mask to hide parts of sky.

6) Duplicate this layer couple of times to get a style like in step 3.

7) Make a copy of the sky layer and reflect it – to make reflections on the water – use filter – ocean ripple – to distort this layer – to get a wavy looking style.

8) Add a new clear layer and paint the left side of the picture to darken this part of the work.

9) Cut out the new building and put it on our work.

10) Cut some parts to make a good composition (remember the perspective stuff and shadows) you can flip some parts too.

11) Use levels and tools like dodge, burn, sponge to correct the levels of new building.

12) Using these tools correct the hue/saturation of the picture.

13) Duplicate this layer and flip it to get a mirror of the building on the water – use ocean ripple to distort it.

14) Correct shadows and all of the rest of the bugs.

15) Duplicate this layer to get more darkness on the left and more white parts on the right (use levels, blur and contrast to get this effect).

16) Add yellow color to give a warmer look to the work.

17) Add some yellow parts to get windows shinier (brighter looking) 0- I paint on the new layer yellow cubes – with small brush and change mode to overlay/screen – use blur to get a warm effect. After all of this, add some birds into the sky to get some motion in the work.