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PageMaker 7.0 Basics – Printing: Macintosh

Printing: Macintosh

This information will help you print your PageMaker document.

return to topSelecting a Printer

Using Chooser

You must use Chooser to select the printer for where you are working.

  1. From the Apple menu, select Chooser
    The Chooser dialog box appears.
    macintosh chooser dialog box

  2. From the top left text box, select a printer icon

  3. From AppleTalk Zones, select the appropriate choice for where you are working

  4. From the listing on the right, select a printer

  5. Click SETUP
    The Setup dialog box appears.
    printer setup dialog box

  6. Click AUTO SETUP
    The Printer Description dialog box appears.
    printer description dialog box

  7. Choose the printer you wish to use

  8. Click SELECT

return to topPrinting a Document

Before printing, it is best to first save your document in case problems occur.

  1. From the File menu, select Save

  2. From the File menu, select Print…
    The Print Document dialog box will appear.
    Print document dialog box

  3. Make the necessary changes to the Print dialog box
    See About the Print Dialog Box for more information.
    HINT: To view more print options, click OPTIONS

  4. To begin printing, click PRINT

return to topAbout the Print Dialog Box

Check to see that the printer name matches the printer that you want to send your printout to. If necessary you will need to change printers using the Chooser function, or set a default printer that will automatically be used every time you print.

To set a default printer:

  1. From the Apple menu select Chooser
    The Chooser dialog box will appear.

  2. From the AppleTalk Zones listing, select the printer you are connected to

  3. To choose a printer type, from printer icon listing, select the appropriate printer icon
    The selected printer is now the default printer.

Number of Copies
To print more than one copy of the document, make sure that the box to the right of Copies is highlighted (if not press the [Tab] key until it is) and type the number of copies you want.  


  • To print every page of the document, under Pages, select All.

  • To print only part of the document, select Ranges.
    In the text box to the right, type the page number of the first page to print, followed by a hyphen and the last page to be printed.

  • To print nonconsecutive pages, type in the pages you wish to print and separate them with commas.
    Example: to print pages 1-14 of a document, type: 1-14
    To print pages 1, 5, and 7-9 type: 1,5,7-9


Confirm that the paper orientation matches how you intend your document to be printed. Your options are tall (portrait) or wide (landscape).