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No Printout with Adobe PostScript Printer Driver 2.1.1


When you try to print to a PostScript printer on the network, either of the following problems may occur:

Nothing is printed.
You receive a general protection (GP) fault error message similar to the following error message:

SPOOL32 caused a general protection fault in module ADOBEPS.DRV


These problems can occur if you are using the Adobe PostScript printer driver version 2.1.1. This printer driver cannot print over a network.

The Adobe PostScript printer driver version 2.1.1 appends a colon (:) to the end of the network path before it calls OpenJob(). The colon causes the network path to the print spooler to be invalid.


To resolve this problem, use either of the following methods:

Update to a Windows 95 PostScript printer driver.
Print to a file, then copy the file to the network printer port. For information about how to do so, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

128345 ( Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows 95/98