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Matrix Effect

 1. Open up your favourite picture of the most attractive women you’ll never meet. I picked a random beautiful woman.

2. Press Ctrl+L to toggle level change. Move both the White arrow a little bit to the middle. This will Increase the image exposure. Use settings much like below:

Until You have like below:

3. Now, press CTRL+U to toggel colour change, and change the colour. I used the following settings to give me a green colour.

After you finish this, sharpen it up some, by doing filter>sharpen>sharpen and it should look like this:

4. Now duplicate the layer, and on the top layer, add a filter>blur>gaussian blur with these settings:

After you have finished bluring your top layer set the layer blending mode to overlay and then click on the bottomw layer and press ctrl+shift+u (this should desaturate your layer)

5. Click on the bottom, (now greyscale) layer, and do a filter>brush stokes>dark strokes using these settings:

Your girl should look like this now:

6. Already you have an matrix type woman. From this point you can experiment with other brush strokes, and maybe sharpen some more. To me she already looks very abstract and much like the animation in the animatrix. But I want more, make to clear its matrix related so we’ll add some matrix code.

Start by adding a line of text, make it green and small, and only put one letter on a line. so it looks like this:

It can be any font, use as many symbols as possible.

7. Now make sure your text layer is on top of all other layers, then duplicate it by right-clicking and selected “duplicate layer..” After you have done this, click on the top layer, and add a filter>blur>gaussian blur using the same settings as before (should still be in there).

Finally we want to merge this layer with the original text layer, by right-clicking on the original text layer, and selecting rasterize and then clicking on the top layer and pressing ctrl+e.
After you do this you should get some blurred code text:

8. Now comes the interesting part, duplicate this layer move the text column to the right an inch, shrink it, and lower its opacity down, then press ctrl+e to merge.
Repeat this step until you have many lines of text, experimenting with opacities, and sizes, make sure you get a good number of lines. When you think your satisfied change your layer blending mode to colour burn and you should come out with something like this: