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Make sure you don't end up where you started when you rotate

It’s easy to end up back at the starting point when you rotate an object in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. This is because rotation in is expressed as an absolute, not relative, value. You might even think of it as a rotational position. A clip’s default rotation is 0 degrees; setting its rotation to 0 degrees always restores it to its original upright angle. This is true when you keyframe rotational values as well. For example, if you want to rotate a layer 180 degrees clockwise (upside down) and back again, the rotation values at each keyframe would be 0, 180, and 0. Mistakenly setting values of 0, 180, and -180 would cause the layer to turn clockwise 180 degrees and then turn counterclockwise—past its original position—until it’s upside down again.