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Make sure that Acrobat Distiller works

Make sure that Acrobat Distiller works.

Create a PDF file from another application, (for example, Microsoft Word) by printing a document to the Adobe PDF printer. If you can create a PDF file, FrameMaker may be the cause of the problem; proceed to the “Troubleshoot FrameMaker” section in this document. If you can’t create a PDF file, create a PostScript file and then open it in Acrobat Distiller:

1. In FrameMaker, open a document and choose File > Print.

2. In the Print dialog box, click Setup, select a PostScript printer (for example, the Adobe PDF printer) and then click OK. (If a PostScript printer isn’t available, install a PostScript printer driver from the Adobe website at .)

3. Select Print To File, click Browse to select a location, and then click Print. A PostScript (*.ps or *.prn) file appears in the location you specified.

4. Start Acrobat Distiller.

5. Choose File > Open, and choose All Files from the Files Of Type pop-up menu. Select the file you created in step 3, and then click Open.

— If Acrobat Distiller creates a PDF file from the PostScript file, proceed to the next section, “Troubleshoot FrameMaker.”

— If Acrobat Distiller doesn’t create a PDF file from the PostScript file, proceed to the next task.