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Integrating FreeHand MX with Macromedia Flash MX

Integrating FreeHand MX with Macromedia Flash MX
The ideal starting point for any Macromedia Flash MX site is FreeHand MX. Thanks to the tight integration between these two applications you can now easily import, preview, and re-export SWF files in a FreeHand MX document.

Launching Macromedia Flash MX to Edit SWF Files  You can launch Macromedia Flash MX from FreeHand to make changes to a SWF file.

To launch a Macromedia Flash MX file from FreeHand, do the following:



Select the movie in the Document window.


Click the Edit in Flash button located at the bottom of the Object and Document panel, as shown below:

  Edit in Macromedia Flash MX button


The Locate in Flash Movie File dialog box appears. Browse to the FLA file that was used to create the imported SWF and then click Open. The FLA document now opens in Macromedia Flash.


Edit the movie in Macromedia Flash MX and then click the Done button once you have finished. The movie file is automatically updated in FreeHand MX:

  Macromedia Flash MX editing window