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Integrating Flash Animations – Preparing Your Animations

Preparing Your Animations

Generally, you can use all types of SWF files in RoboDemo movies, including those you create in Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, and so on, however, you do need to bear in mind a couple of points when creating them:

  • Movie speed

    RoboDemo movies play at 20 frames per second (fps), therefore inserted animations will also play at 20 fps, regardless of the settings used when they were created. When authoring your animations, remember to set your movie speed to 20 fps; failure to do so may cause your animations to play back too fast or slow.

  • Animation transparency

    When you insert an animation as an animation frame (by selecting Insert > Animation Frame), the background color of the animation you select sets the color of the RoboDemo slide. When you insert it as an animation (Insert > Animation), the animation background becomes transparent.

  • Absolute versus relative addressing

    Animations containing ActionScript that use absolute addressing may not work correctly when you insert them into a RoboDemo movie; they may even break the movie. When authoring your animations, remember to use relative addressing, that is, use _parent, don’t use _root or _level, unless you know what you’re doing!