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Importing and Using Alpha Video

Importing and Using Alpha Video

Now that you have your new alpha video file, import it into Flash. The new video import wizard in Flash 8 uses a four-step process to import your videos (File > Import Video):

  1. The first screen enables you to browse for your FLV file. Locate the Sample.flv file in your assets folder and click Next.
  2. The second screen enables you to specify up to four settings for deploying your video. For this demo, use the default option Progressive Download from a Web Server. Click Next to continue.
  3. The third screen is where you apply your skin to the video player. Select the skin you would like from the pop-up menu and click Next.
  4. That’s it! You will see a confirmation screen of your import. Click Finish. The FLVPlayback component will be dumped on the Stage for your use. Note that you can’t see a live preview of your FLV file in the Flash IDE. You need to publish your file to see the results.

I have created a simple demo that uses four pieces of alpha video. It shows how you can use multiple videos at once, change backgrounds at runtime, and yet use the interface controls under the video files. It also uses some of the new Flash 8 video features such as the FLVPlayback component.