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How do I put one picture on top of or into another picture?

How do I put one picture on top of or into another picture?

  1. Open both images. Note that only one document can be active at a time. The active document will have a dark blue title bar. The title bar of all other open documents will be a dim gray. The Layers palette only displays the layers of the current active document. Click on a document to make it the active document.
  2. If you want to move only a part of one picture onto another image, you need to select that part, first. Use the selection tools (marquees, lassos, magic wand or selection brush) to select the part that you want to move. For more information on how to make selections, see the Pre-Beginner II lesson.
  3. Then choose the move tool in the toolbox. Click within the selection outline on the image that you want to move. With the left mouse button pressed, drag that selection across onto the picture that you want to put it onto or into.
  4. When you release the left mouse button, the moved selection will be on top of the second picture. Note that the moved part will be on its own layer (look in the Layers palette) so you can use the move tool to reposition it after you have dropped it onto the second document. Be sure that the layer that you want to move is selected in the Layers palette before using the move tool.
  5. If you are moving an entire image onto a second picture (with no selection), you can drag with any tool from the Layers palette onto the second document. Just click on the layer that contains the image data that you want to move and drag it over to the other document (onto the picture, not the Layers palette).
  6. If you don’t like dragging, you can make a selection with the selection tools or use Select > All. Then choose Edit > Copy. Click on the destination picture to make it the active document and go to Edit > Paste.
  7. To find more detail on moving one picture onto another, please see my Combining Images tutorials.