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How do I draw a straight line?

How do I draw a straight line?

  1. Make a new, empty layer.
  2. Choose the pencil tool for a hard edged line, the paintbrush for a soft line, and the airbrush for a very soft line.
  3. In the tool’s options bar, pick a brush which has the width that you want for you line.
  4. Click on the foreground color square to choose a new color if you don’t want to use the current one.
  5. With your new, empty layer selected in the Layers palette, click once in your document where you want your straight line to begin.
  6. Press the Shift key, and click a second time where you want your line to end.
  7. If you need to move your line, select the move tool, and drag. To shorten the line, use the eraser tool. In both cases, make sure the line’s layer is selected in the Layers palette.