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Halftone Pattern Filter

  1. For this first halftone effect, start by selecting the object.

  2. Than dupliate the layer by pressing CTRL + J.

  3. Go to Filter -> Sketch -> Halftone Pattern.

  4. Adjust the settings to – Size: 2, Contrast: Dot, Pattern Type: Dot.

  5. Here is the final result, color will vary depending on your foreground color.

Color Halftone Filter

  1. Start with your original layer and than the layer with the object extracted.

  2. Select the original layer, go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and set the Radius to 40.0 pixels.

  3. This is how the image should look now..

  4. Now go to Filter -> Pixelate -> Color Halftone, I left the settings on default but you are free to change them until satisified with the effect. Here is the final result.

Halftone Magazine Effect

  1. Select the object than duplicate the layer by pressing CTRL + J. Right click on the new layer and select Duplicate Layer.

  2. At the dialog make sure that the Destination for the document is set to New.

  3. In the new document, go to Image -> Mode -> Grayscale, click ok to the the box that pops us asking if you want to remove all color information.

  4. Than go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and set the Radius to 40.0 pixels.

  5. This is how it should look after that last step.

  6. Next, go to Image -> Mode -> Bitmap.

  7. At the Bitmap dialog, change the Method to Scree..

  8. When the next dialog pops up, change the Frequencey to 8 and the Shape to Round.

  9. This is how the object should look now.

  10. Once those steps are completed, go back to Image -> Mode -> Grayscale again (for size ratio, just leave it at 1). Than go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and set it to 1.0 pixel to slightly smoothen out the edges.

  11. Bring up the Levels dialog by pressing CTRL + L and just drag the sliders together to sharpen the dots.

  12. Drag the new document back in to the original and place it underneath the top layer.

  13. Here is the final result.