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Gotcha (Mac only)

[Mac only] When you move something with the move tool, it always snaps back to where it was before.
Change your color picker from Apple to Adobe. Go to Preferences > General > Color Picker: Adobe. You will have to quit and relaunch Photoshop for the change to take effect.

[Mac only] When you print to a PostScript printer from Photoshop 7 and specify a number of copies in the print dialog box, the printer makes many more copies than you asked for.
This is an OS 10.2 bug. Update to a higher release (10.2.2 or higher).

[Mac only] When browsing a folder of images, Photoshop quits.
Photoshop is crashing when generating a preview for an image. This is an OS 10.2 bug. A workaround until a permanent fix is made is to disable the AltiVecCore plug-in located in the Plug-ins > Adobe Photoshop Only > Extensions folder.

[Mac only] Your printer is hooked up via “LPR printer using IP,” and you are using the correct PPD file. Printing with other applications works fine. Printing with Photoshop results in mostly empty pages with strange icons at the bottom.
You need to send ASCII data to these LPR printers. Choose File > Print with Preview. At the bottom of the dialog, check the Show more options box. From the Output options, choose ASCII for the encoding.

[Mac only] Photoshop 7.x closes when Mac OS X v 10.2.x goes into sleep mode.
Disable sleep by going to System Preferences > Energy Saver > drag slider under “Put the computer to sleep” to Never.

[Mac only] Picture Package causes Photoshop 7.0.x to stop responding in Mac OS X. You have to force quit.
This happens after you have created a custom layout for Picture Package or have opened the Presets/Layouts folder for any other reason. Solution—install the Contact Sheet and Picture Package plug-in update found here.