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Freeze frames – Tips


  • If you plan to print the still image, you should know that standard-resolution video always translates to 72 dpi, regardless of the camera’s tape format. This is fine for small, low-resolution printouts. But if you want to create a press kit or other printed materials, be sure to take production stills with a film camera or a high-quality digital still camera.

  • If you plan to use the image in a still-image editing program (such as Adobe Photoshop®), export the highest image quality possible. Don’t resize the image or even deinterlace it. Photoshop’s tool set is superior for any image editing you want to do.

  • Most stills taken from DV or other video capture cards must be deinterlaced and resized to compensate for differences in pixel aspect ratios.

  • You can also export all or part of a clip or program as a filmstrip file. Appropriately enough, a filmstrip file in Photoshop looks like a filmstrip: a single still image that contains the frames of video arranged in a long column. You manipulate the frames of video using Photoshop’s tools, using a technique similar to rotoscoping in traditional film.