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Flash Player:overview

Introducing Flash Player 9

Adobe® Flash® Player is about to evolve in a very exciting way. Flash Player 9 (formerly Flash Player 8.5) builds on the innovations of Flash Player 8, bringing even more power to the platform through ActionScript 3.0, a new version of the ActionScript language and a new virtual machine for greater performance. There are several themes for this update to the player, including creating a more robust programming model, achieving standards compliance, and delivering ground-breaking performance. Also, the original virtual machine for legacy ActionScript continues to be supported to maintain backward compatibility with existing content. Achieving these goals will further expand the reach of the platform by attracting more developers and delivering an enterprise-ready foundation for a new class of Rich Internet Applications.

Flash Player is a secure, reliable, and cross-platform target runtime supporting the capabilities of the tools and servers within the Flash ecosystem. The Flex family of products will be the first Adobe products to take advantage of the latest player features. Developers can explore the possibilities of ActionScript 3.0 and build stand-alone ActionScript 3.0 or Flex applications using the new Flex Builder IDE beta, available through Adobe Labs.

You can use Flash Player 9 beta to view the demos and samples provided here on Labs. The demos provide a preview of the capabilities of ActionScript 3.0 and the Flex family of products and you can further explore ActionScript 3.0 with Flex Builder 2 and the Flex framework. Because this is a beta version and not a final, feature-complete release, we recommend installing Flash Player 9 into a secondary browser that will not be used for general Internet browsing or production work.

The early releases on Adobe Labs allows you to see where we are taking the language and the platform, and comment on the direction we’re taking. We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of the platform, and look forward to the feedback you will provide us through Labs.