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Fireworks MX 2004 – Creating the Bitmap Selection

Step 2: Creating the Bitmap Selection

Since the conference board is rectangular, it’s a perfect use for the Polygon Lasso tool.

  1. Select the Polygon Lasso tool
  2. Set the Edge to Anti-alias in the Property inspector
  3. Click and release in one of the 4 corners to set the first point
  4. Continue clicking and releasing in each of the remaining 3 corners
  5. Click and release one more time at the starting point to close the selection. You’ll know you’re ready to close the selection when a small, black square appears in the bottom right corner of your Polygon Lasso tool.
  6. Save your selection by going up to Select > Save Bitmap Selection. This will save the bitmap selection to the document and we’ll be able to bring back the selection if we accidentally deselect it.

Polygon Lasso Tool: Closing the selection