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Fire Effect

Fire Effect

Author Name: TDW

 1. Open up a picture of your favourite photo.

2. Duplicate the layer and then add a filter>blur>gausian blur> 1.5. Set the layer mode to overlay

3. Duplicate the bottom layer, and move it to the top. Press ctrl+shift+u

add a filter>distort>shear:

Now set the layer mode to overlay, and erase any parts that do not look right. ie, hard edges, girls face smeared etc.. Feel free to flip and rotate as you wish.

Duplicate your shear layer, and again flip and rotate, and make sure the layer mode is set to overlay.

4. Press ctrl+u and change the colour to red:

you should have something like:

5. an option is to change both of the bottom layers to red as well. it will give something a little different. like:

6. if you turn both layers red:

7. With some text: