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Exporting grayscale BMP's from FreeHand MX to FreeHand 10

Exporting grayscale BMP’s from FreeHand MX to FreeHand 10

BMP images in a FreeHand 10 file exported from FreeHand MX lose attributes.

Image ramp, transparency and colorization attributes attached to a grayscale BMP are not supported by the FreeHand 10 file format and will be ignored.


Use one of the following options to workaround this issue:

tri Convert the BMP to a TIFF:
1 Using a product like Macromedia Fireworks, save or export the file as a TIFF.
2 In FreeHand MX:
  Select the image, then click the Links button in the Object panel.
3 In the Links dialog select the Change button
4 Locate and select the TIFF image then choose Open
tri Rasterize the image in FreeHand MX:
1 Select the BMP.
2 Select Modify > Convert to Image

Note: Rasterizing the image will lose the transparent effect but will keep the color change.