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Exploring the Quiz Manager

Exploring the Quiz Manager

The Quiz Manager consists of the Reporting, Quiz, and Options tabs. It enables you to set global options for all quizzes in a Captivate file. Using the Quiz Manager, you can enable SCORM or AICC compliance, feedback messages for users, navigation buttons, and scoring (see Figure 4).

Specifying quiz settings in the Quiz Manager

Figure 4. Specifying quiz settings in the Quiz Manager

The Reporting Tab

The Reporting tab is divided into two sections. Under Enable Output Options, you can specify an output option such as SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) or Macromedia Authorware. As you have already seen, Captivate includes the option of automatically sending a learner’s score to a specified e-mail address.

Also in Enable Output Options, you can specify the type of information that should be reported, determine whether learners receive results, and configure how the score should be reported to an LMS.

The Quiz Tab

The Quiz tab consists of three sections. In the Quiz area, you can enter basic information about the quiz and specify whether the quiz is required. You can also set an Objective ID. Use this option if the question is related to an objective set in your LMS.

In the Settings area, you can specify various options such as whether the learner is allowed to review previous slides while taking the quiz. You can also specify whether the learner is shown the score at the end of the quiz. Both of these options include the ability to configure messages shown to learners while they review the quiz and after they complete the quiz (see Figure 5).

Specifying feedback messages

Figure 5. Specifying review feedback messages

Using the Show Progress pop-up menu, you can specify whether to display the question number that learners are currently working on.

In the Default Feedback Messages area, you can specify a series of message types (see Figure 6).

Specifying default feedback message text

Figure 6. Specifying default feedback messages

The Options Tab

The Options tab enables you to specify what should happen after learners receive a passing or failing grade, as well as the text that should appear on the various quiz buttons.