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Define class style properties.

Define class style properties.

Click the Font Properties tab in the CSS Editor and click the Back Color field to set a background color for the class style. In the Color palette, drag the color sliders to select a color (select Only Web Colors from the Color palette menu to use only Web-safe colors: the sliders snap to Web-safe colors when you drag them), or choose a color from the Recent Colors list in the Color palette. Click the Margin & Padding Properties tab in the CSS Editor and enter 15% in the Right and Left Margin text boxes. Note the color and margins applied to the sample text in the Preview Styles pane.

In addition to previewing style properties in the Preview Style pane, you can use the Source tab in the CSS Editor to view your style sheet’s source code. GoLive updates the content of the Source tab every time you make a change in the CSS Editor. Choose a source code theme from the Theme menu in the Source tab to view the source code in different combinations of colors and fonts (you can customize themes in Source preferences). You can even hand-code CSS in the Source tab and take advantage of GoLive’s code completion feature, which enables you to write code without having to look up hard-to-remember elements or attributes.