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Create World Cup Germany 2006 Logo

:: World Cup Germany 2006 Logo

Note :- If you are not good in drawing some thing then please zoom your document with help of Zoom Tools (Z) this tools well help you easily in making some things.

To begin click on Custom Shape Tools and then right click on the file background and select Circle Frame Shape ” Which is circled with black color in the below image ”
Make a shape with orange color.
Click on Ellipse Tools and make two eyes for the Smiley like this :
Now make hair for smiley with the help of Pen Tools.
Click on Pen Tools and make a mouth for smiley like this.
Make another shape with green color If you don’t know how to make the circle then please see the first step there you will see how to make circle frame.
With Pen Tools make a shape over on the green shape make it like the second shape.
Click on Pen Tools and make a eye and rotate it to your left side like this.
Now make another eye also make a Mouth for the green smile.
Now make another blue shape with the help of Custom Shape Tools.
Now make two eyes like (Arrows) Click on Cutom Shape Tools and then right click on the background and then click on Arrow 7 in the below image ” Which is selected in red shape “.
Now make two blue shape and put it face to face and just rotate it Upward like this :
With Pen Tools make a mouth for the blue smile .
Make another Circle Frame Shape with black green color.
With Ellipse Tools make a yellow shape and give them Stroke with 2px stroke.
Make another red shape with the help of Ellipse Tools.
Now do the below Gradient Overlay options.
Now do the below Stroke options.
Then it will be like this :
Now make a white shape and then change the Opacity to 0% in the Layers (F7) see the First image below and then give green Stroke to the shape 2px and then put it near the black and white gradient shape like this :
Get copy from the above shape and put it the right side of the black and white shape like this :
Get another copy from above shape and put it in the middle of the two green shapes.
Get another copy from above shape and put it at the right side of black and white shape ( Put it near the 3rd shape ) like this.
Now erase the outer green circle which is selected in the orange color with the help of Eraser Tools.
Like this Image.
Now add red and yellow color in the Middle of the Cup.
Now make a red shape at the left side of the smileys and cup and then do the next step.
Now click on the Layer Thumbnail and see the next step.
Click on ” Subtract From Shape Area ” and make another another shape in the middle of the shape but just make the shape abit to the right side look like the second step.
Add the shape a bit right side like this :
Now put the red shape near the blue smiley and get copy from the red shape and change its color ” Black and Yellow ” and put it near the Blue Smiley like this :
Just write ” Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 ” under the Smileys and Cup. Congrat’s You Are Finished :~)