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Create Nice Firework Effect

1. Create New Document 200x200px with white background and press D.

2. Apply Filter>Noise>Add Noise:

Add Noise in Adobe Photoshop CS

3. Go to Images>Adjustments>Threshold:

Threshold in Adobe Photoshop CS

4. Now we need to use Images>Adjustments>Inverse:

Inverse in Adobe Photoshop CS

5. Now going to Filter>Stylize>Wind and apply Method – Wind with Direction – From The Right.

6. Repeat step 5 and Image>Rotate Canvas>90CW:

Rotate Canvas in Adobe Photoshop CS

7. Create New Layer, Select Gradient Tool – Linear Gradient with Black to White and apply for this Layer from bottom to top:

Inverse in Adobe Photoshop CS

8. Go ti Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinates and choise Rectangular to Polar:

Polar Coordinates in Adobe Photoshop CS

9. Final Step, going to Images>Adjustments>Variations and select your variations of colors:

Variations in Adobe Photoshop CS

My Final Result:

Create Nice Firework Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS