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Compare the features of the After Effects Standard and Professional editions

Adobe® After Effects® 7.0 Professional software contains all the features of After Effects Standard plus 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) color support, Timewarp, motion tracking, keying tools, and much more. Compare the features offered in the Professional and Standard editions.

Features After Effects Professional After Effects Standard
Flexible 2D and 3D compositing environment yes yes
Unrivaled creative text animation tools, including hundreds of text Animation Presets yes yes
Powerful animation and keyframing including the new Graph Editor and professionally designed Animation and Behavior Presets yes yes
Visual effects plug-ins to enhance, stylize, and otherwise manipulate the appearance of any layer*, including new Blur effects more than 230 yes
Vector Paint support based on Adobe Photoshop® technology for cleaning up footage yes yes
Professional output options for film, video, DVD, Macromedia® Flash®, and other streaming media formats for the web yes yes
Masking tools for controlling which parts of a layer are visible yes yes
Advanced keying and matte tools for seamless compositing, including Keylight, Matte Choker, and Spill Suppressor, as well as the Smart Mask Interpolation keyframe assistant for animating complex masks yes  
32-bit HDR and 16-bit color support for high-fidelity color yes  
Timewarp for high-quality slow motion yes  
Motion tracking and stabilization tools, including color stabilization yes  
Advanced 3D compositing support, including the ability to import camera data from Maya and 3Ds max, auxiliary channel support, and more yes  
Wiggler for easily adding random movement yes  
Timesaving rendering options, including network rendering and support for render automation yes  
Advanced audio tools for adding color and depth to sound yes  
Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) support yes  

* Additional effects in the Professional edition include Advanced Lightning, Glow, Optics Compensation, and many more.