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Checking Browser Compatibility with Dreamweaver MX 2004 – Marking Errors as Ignored

Marking Errors as Ignored

Sometimes even though you know that your page contains code that isn’t supported in a certain browser, you may choose to ignore it. To do this, right-click or control-click the element that is flagged as a problem and from the context menu and choose Ignore error. Dreamweaver will now stop underlining that type of error in all your documents. This type of error is also changed from an error to a warning in the Results panel.

Click the following links to view a Macromedia RoboDemo demonstration to see how to configure the Browser Target Check to ignore errors.

Example 04

Here are the steps from the previous RoboDemo movie to prevent Dreamweaver displaying a certain type of error.

  1. Right / Ctrl click the red underlined code.
  2. Select Ignore Error from the context menu.

Running the Browser Target Check again will:

  1. Reduce the number of Browser Check Errors shown in the tooltip.
  2. Change the type of error is changed to a warning in the Results panel.

Use the following steps to edit the list of errors you have chosen to ignore.

  1. Click any of the red underlined code
  2. Click the Browser Target Check Menu and select Edit Ignored Errors, or right / Ctrl click any of the red underlined code and select Edit Ignored Errors. This will open the Exceptions.xml file that contains the list of errors to ignore.
  3. Remove the error you wish to remove from the list
  4. Save and close the file Exceptions.xml.