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Check for SCSI problems.

Check for SCSI problems.

If you have a SCSI card for internal or external SCSI devices, verify that the settings for the card are correct, ensure that the SCSI chain is properly terminated, update SCSI drivers, and check for hardware or cable damage. For instructions, contact the SCSI card manufacturer.

To check for SCSI problems by using the System Properties dialog box:

1. Choose Start > Control Panel > System.

2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

3. Click the plus sign (+) to the left of the SCSI and RAID Controllers line.

4. For each adapter listed, right-click the name, and then choose Properties from the menu. If the Device Status area indicates that the SCSI adapter isn’t working correctly, reinstall SCSI device drivers. Contact the SCSI card manufacturer for further help.