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Building a Forum with Dreamweaver – Part 1: Planning the Forum

Planning the Forum

In this tutorial, you will use Dreamweaver 8 and ImpAKT to build a forum application which will allow users to:

  • View a list of discussion topics
  • Read the messages associated to each topic
  • Register an account with the forum, and upload a profile photo
  • Login and logout
  • Post a new message in any topic
  • Reply to other messages
  • Subscribe to a discussion thread (a chain of messages that are replies to an initial message)
  • Receive e-mail notifications when a new message is posted in a thread they have subscribed to

An example of what the finished forum will look like

Figure 1. An example of what the finished forum will look like

Before you start building the forum, please make sure that:

  • You have a running database server and web server with PHP language support
  • You have installed the required software: Dreamweaver and ImpAKT
  • You have correctly defined a Dreamweaver site with a PHP_MySQL testing server
  • You have set up the database provided with this tutorial and have created a connection to it

If you don’t satisfy one or more of the requirements from this checklist, follow the corresponding section for detailed instructions.