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Adobe PostScript Document Structuring Comments

Adobe PostScript Document Structuring Comments

DSC is an Adobe PostScript language commenting convention which permits processing of PS files without the processing programs needing language level knowledge of the PS file’s contents.

Applications which encapsulate EPS files, PS file viewer managers, such as Ghostview, and print spoolers are such programs. Based on the comments within the PS file, these programs are able to resize, relocate or rotate images; disassemble the PS files into usable components and then reassemble selected components into other useful forms; decide required resources and select appropriate printers and printer resources to display the file.

DSC assumes that the file prolog, an individual page description and the file epilog when concatenated together will properly print that page.

DSC assumes that each page is independent of each other page. In particular, it assumes that the page order is not significant and that the interpreter state is restored to the conditions that existed after the file prolog had been run at the completion of each page.

DSC and its requirements on a PostScript program are described in considerable detail in Appendix G of the second edition of the PostScript language reference manual, a.k.a. the Red and White Book.