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Anime Text Picture

Anime-Text This was just a random idea of me... I came up with this style when I was photoshop-freestyling. This effect awoke no name with me, but my friends told...

Glowing Animation

Glowing Animation Create this simple animation in less then 5 minutes! If you wanna add new effects or a different glow, go ahead! Create an animation just like the admin-sigs...

Shine Animation – Shining Bodyparts

Shine Animation - Shining Bodyparts Learn how to make an animation in Image-Ready where you make a a piece of bodycast shine like I did with some Sith-armor. You can...

Animated Satin – Coruscating Animation

Animated Satin Learn how to create this animated Satin which is absolutely awsome for minibanners or large headers. This is the sort of animation, you can experiment yourself crazy on,...

Shining Text – Animated Signature

Animated Signature Follow these guidelines to create a very nice text-animation! Step 1 Make a signature and add a text-layer and make sure the layer doesn't have any...