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A Few Flash Tricks

A Few Flash Tricks

There is always time for a Flash trick or two. One of the things I mentioned earlier is that the default background color for each Flash movie is white. This can be changed if your users view your Website with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.0+

Select a Flash movie, such as the Flash Text you create earlier, and open the Proper-ties Panel for the movie. If you fully expand the panel you’ll see in the bottom right hand corner a button called “Parameters”. Select the Parameters button. The Parameters window opens. This window allows you to add additional parameters to the movie that are specific to Internet Explorer (this is because Netscape and Microsoft handle Web plugins differently). For Parameter add “wmode” and for the value add “transparent” as shown in figure G.

The Parameters Window

Select “OK”. What you did will not be apparent until you preview the page in your browser — you’ll see that the additional parameter makes the background color for the Flash movie transparent. This allows the background color (or image) to show through in the same way a transparent GIF file will allow the background to show through. In addition, this allows Flash movies to be placed in Dreamweaver Layers and stacked on top of each other.

The addition of Flash Buttons and Text allows any non-Flash designer the freedom of adding Flash to their Websites, and gives their site a multimedia-driven lift.