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12 Sources of Web Design Inspiration

Stumped on the design of your next website or blog? Try these sources of 


1) Everyday Computer Use
Nobody knows what frequent computer users want better than other frequent computer users. The frustrations, setbacks, and little irritations that you encounter on the Internet every day can inspire you to go above and beyond to create a smooth and unique browsing experience for visitors to your site.
A great design deserves a great web hosting service. Once you’ve completed the website design of your dreams, be sure to find a place to host it that will meet all your needs and serve as a viable showcase for your hard work.

2) Necessary Improvements
Sometimes design improvements are obvious. When something on your site doesn’t work or is no longer up to the task it was originally created for, take the opportunity to update it.

3) A Desire to Help
If there’s a design element that you’ve always wished someone would add to the websites you frequent, why not consider adding it to your own site? Chances are you’re not the only one who’s been hoping for easier navigation, a more comprehensive search, or some other helpful bit of code.

4) Design Inspiration Galleries
A quick Internet search for web design inspiration turns up entire sites dedicated to just that. Portfolios, galleries, site-a-day services, and more exist to spark your creativity.

5) Hobbies
Even hobbies have their own related design elements. Knitting brings to mind sticks and string; computing, circuit boards and binary code. Depending on your site content, you may wish to incorporate details that elicit the image of a particular hobby or interest.

6) Blog Templates
Talented designers across the Internet are turning out amazing, innovative templates for popular blog services every day. These functional templates are created to run in available blog
in the industry. Perusing these can give you ideas for layout and color scheme that stretch the imagination.

7) Pet Peeves
Think about what drives you crazy when you use other websites. Is there scripting that freezes? Annoying pictures or videos? Bad ad layout? Keep these things in mind as a guide of what not to do with your own site.

8) Nature
When it comes to beautiful color schemes, nature knows best. Every climate and season has its own unique “look” that can be drawn upon when designing a website.

9) Games
Like fandoms, games have specific color schemes and control panel layouts. Perhaps your favorite game has a layout that is so intuitive and easy to use that it would make a good starting point for a website.

10) Fandom Color Schemes
Every fandom has colors
associated with it. Superman wouldn’t be superman without red, yellow, and blue; while Twilight fans identify with a distinct red, white, and black theme. Specific images and shapes can also bring a particular series or franchise to mind. These design elements can be used to pay homage to a fandom without threat to copyright.

11) Personal Preference
This is your site, so when it comes to design, go with your gut. Leave out anything that drives you nuts about other websites, or devise creative solutions to what you feel are common layout problems.

12) Other Websites
Though you obviously can’t copy the layout of other websites, no doubt your favorites have some design elements that you find useful. Consider incorporating these into your own site in an innovative way.

A great design deserves a great web hosting
. Once you’ve completed the website design of your dreams, be
sure to find a place to host it that will meet all your needs and serve as a
viable showcase for your hard work.